Gianni Criveller

Gianni Criveller, born in Treviso (Italy) has been based in Hong Kong Greater China since 1991. He has collaborated with various academic institutions in Taiwan (1991-1994), Hong Kong (1995-to present), Macau (from 2007-2009), frequently visiting the People’s Republic of China.

Currently Criveller teaches Theology of Mission at the Holy Spirit Seminary College Philosophy and Theology in Hong Kong (from 1997); Christology at the PIME International Theological Seminary in Monza (Milan, since 2014). He is Honorary Research Associate at the Centre for Catholic Studies, The Faculty of Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (from 2004). He has specialized on historical encounter between China and Christianity, with particular attention to the reception of Christianity in China, Hong Kong and Macau; the Jesuit mission; missionary work and strategies and the Chinese Rites Controversy. From 2010-2013 the diocese of Macerata (Ricci’s hometown) has appointed him as the head of the Historical Commission for the Beatification of Matteo Ricci, the great humanist missionary in China, to whom Criveller devoted many years of research and numerous writings.

Criveller has been a researcher at the Holy Spirit Study Centre in Hong Kong (1997-2011), and continue to observe and to speak on the current situation of Christianity and religious policy in China.

Criveller has published about fifteen books and numerous essays in specialized journals (in various languages), and organized various international symposia. The Chinese translation of his first book, Preaching Christ in Late Ming China (Taipei-Brescia 1997) had two editions at the Sichuan People’s Publishing House (Chengdu, China, 1999 and 2001). More recently: From Milan to Hong Kong. 150 Years of Mission, Hong Kong, 2008 (also in Chinese and in 2015 in Italian); Vita del Maestro Ricci, Xitai del Grande Occidente, Brescia 2010 (this is the first translation from the Chinese of the Life of Matteo Ricci written by Giulio Aleni in 1630); Portrait of a Jesuit. Matteo Ricci, Macau 2010 (also in Chinese and in Italian); (with Alessandra Schiavo, Angelo Paratico e Margot Errante) 500 Hundreds Years of Italians in Hong Kong and Macau, Hong Kong 2013 (also in Italian, Milan 2014; and in Chinese, Hong Kong 2014). He published an essay on Etty Hillesum (also in Italian, Rimini: Fara 2013). It has two literary blogs:
“Books Do More Than Words”:
“I libri parlano con più persone”:

Gianni Criveller is a missionary, member of the PIME (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions).

The full list of publications by Gianni Criveller is under compilation, and it will soon be included in this site.

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